Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

We not only have the experience and knowledge but are rigged with the latest jet blasting, CCTV pipe camera, and pipe locating technology. 

Our combined system is worth $30,000, so whether you have a small blockage from your basin or a large blockage that is flooding the house, you can have peace of mind knowing we have the right tools for your residential or commercial blocked drain service.


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The following are some common maintenance
issues we deal with daily.


Leaky Tap

Burst Pipes

Toilet Repairs

We heavily rely on our toilet, and toilets have a variety of mechanisms and components that can deteriorate as time goes by.

From broken seals to malfunctioning cisterns, toilets are something to get fixed as soon as possible if you notice a problem.

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Leaky Tap Repairs

Haven’t got around to fixing that tap that keeps dripping throughout the night?

Whether it’s a basin, kitchen sink, laundry tub, or shower, we can replace the rubbers or swap it over for a new one to give your mind and ears some peace knowing it won’t drip anymore.

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Burst Pipes

We understand that pipes can burst at any time, which is why we can be on-site as soon as you notice the burst pipe.

From in-ground pipework to internal water lines, you can rely on our team to deliver an exceptional burst pipe solution.

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The following are some common maintenance
issues we deal with daily.

Jet Blasting ↓

Jet Blasting

If your sewer lines or stormwater pipes have blocked up, our weapon of choice is our jet blaster.

It doesn’t matter if there are piled debris, roots internally growing, or a broken section of pipe, the jet blaster won’t let you down. With its high-pressure technology, there is almost nothing it can’t unblock!

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CCTV Pipe Camera ↓

CCTV Pipe Camera

For recurring blockages, we can use a CCTV pipe camera to locate the cause of the problem.

Snapchat photos and video footage of the blockage and drain system are available for your reference if required.

Once a blockage has been located, then we can give you a quote for the repair works.

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Pipe Locator ↓

Pipe Locator

The pipe locator is a newly developed technology that allows our technicians to locate broken or blocked pipes underground without needing to get the shovel out and dig. This not only saves time but also the money in your wallet.

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We are available 24/7

Unclog Any of Your Blocked Drains in Gold Coast with Moral Plumbing

If you’re struggling with blocked drains in the Gold Coast, and you need a team of experienced professionals that always deliver high-quality work, we can help. Our customers receive the best service from the moment they pick up the phone to the moment we complete the job. Whether it’s an inside or outside drain that’s blocked, Moral Plumbing has the right tools – and people – for the job.

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Common Mistakes People Make When Dealing with a Blocked Shower Drain

Here’s a list of common mistakes and how you can avoid them:
  • Thinking the only way to find a leaking or blocked pipe is to dig up their yard. This belief, thankfully, is not true if you choose the right team. Our team uses a newly developed piece of technology aptly named a Pipe Locator. It allows them to find any broken or blocked pipes underground without ever having to get out the shovel. It keeps your property intact and will enable us to work with precision.
  • Thinking that once a blockage has been cleared up, it will stay that way. Sometimes this is the case, but there are incidents where a blockage can be recurring, especially if it wasn’t taken care of correctly the first time. Our team offers a CCTV Pipe Camera that allows them to investigate the blockages before they go to work. By doing this, they can find the source of the blockage so that when they clear it up, they do it properly, so your pipes remain open.
  • Immediately try to fix everything themselves. We understand that this can be a cheaper option, but keep in mind it can also be much more expensive if you’re inexperienced. By trying to fix plumbing issues yourself and without the necessary experience, you risk damaging something and creating a bigger problem. Unless you’re 100% sure you know how to solve the problem, rather leave it to our affordable services.
By knowing about these common issues, it’s much simpler to avoid them. Whether you want to preserve your pristine yard, deal with recurring blockages, or let a trained professional handle the job, we’re just a phone call away.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our Hydrojet Plumbing Services

Follow these tips to get the most out of the services we offer:
  • Get a free quote from us if you know what the problem is that needs fixing. Before you decide on our services, we encourage that you tell us what kind of issue you’re having via our quoting service. We’ll let you know what you can expect to pay before you’re obligated to agree to anything. Once you’re happy, we can move forward.
  • Use our services when you need a Building Plumbing Report. This report is necessary when you start thinking about investing your money into property. You never want to buy a new house or property with existing plumbing issues. We can do a thorough inspection and make sure everything is up to standard and in working condition before you invest.
  • Try not to tamper with any plumbing problem you’re having. Once you’ve contacted us, please take the necessary precautions not to aggravate the issue by trying DIY fixes before we arrive. Attempts by inexperienced people can result in a much bigger problem that, in turn, requires more time and money to fix. If you must do something, shut off the water of your property until we get there, rather than possibly making the problem worse.

Why You Should Use Our Jet Plumbing Services

Whether you’re dealing with a blocked kitchen drain or a substantial pipe blockage, our team can take care of it for you. Our technology and experience allow us to avoid digging to find pipes, while at the same time allowing us to investigate the sources of any blockage problems properly. We also offer a range of certificates and reports if your property or business requires a Building Plumbing Report or even a Water Efficiency Report.When you’re struggling with drain cleaning in the Gold Coast, and you want a top-quality team to help you, choose us. Our services strive to keep all our customers happy with a 24/7 emergency plumbing service, or regular plumbing services that cover everything from burst pipes to routine maintenance. With our high-quality equipment, no job is too big. So, if you’re having trouble with blocked drains or pipes, give us a call , and we’ll have it fixed in no time.